Exclusively for Everyone

10.23.19 | 6:30pm


A strolling supper under the stars & surrounded by art.






Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Public Art of the University of Houston System,
one of the most significant university collections in the country,
showcasing an inaugural new temporary public art program,
and announcing exciting future programs and collection plans.


Beth Madison (’72), Judy Nyquist and Beth Robertson



Trenton Doyle Hancock

Artist Honoree


866-366-5274, EXTENSION 101.


1969 -2019

Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon, the price of a gallon of gas was 35 cents and the last episode of the original “Star Trek” aired. At the University of Houston, history was also being made. It was the year UH became the first university in Texas to create a public art collection.
Fifty years later, Public Art UHS is a growing collection of public art works by acclaimed local, regional, national and international artists, representing a wide range of media. Artists include Frank Stella, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Alyson Shotz, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Andy Warhol, Margo Sawyer and Dorothy Hood.


Beth Madison (’72)

Judy Nyquist

Beth Robertson


Artist Honoree

Trenton Doyle Hancock


Host Committee

Andrew Abendshein

Ralph Abendshein

Gail and Louis Adler

Chinhui and Eddie Allen

Catherine Anspon

Denise (’80) and Philip (’69) Bahr

Katharine Barthelme

Laura Bellows

Wirt Blaffer

Alex Blair

Kelli and Eddy Blanton

Minette and Peter Boesel

Leslie and Brad Bucher

Clare Casademont and Michael Metz

Jereann H. Chaney

Meredith and Patrick (’01) Chastang

Cathy and Joe Cleary

Michael Dale (’70)

Isabel and Danny David

Sara Paschall Dodd

Anne and Charles Duncan

Clayton and Shel Erikson

Jana and Richard Fant

Elaine (’92) and Marvy A. (FS ’56) Finger

Aggie Foster (’78, M.B.A. ’86)

Cece and Mack Fowler

Barbara and Michael Gamson

Cullen Geiselman

Janet Gurwitch and Ron Franklin

Deborah Brochstein and Steven (’88, J.D. ’95) Hecht

Sheila Heimbinder

Barbara and Gerald Hines

Cecily E. Horton

Leslie and Mark Hull

Mady and Ken Kades

Kathryn Ketelsen

George Lancaster

Dillon Kyle and Sam Lasseter

Doug Lawing

Cornelia and Meredith Long

Kelley (’83) and Steve Lubanko

Penelope and Lester Marks

Poppi Massey ( J.D. ’94)

Denise Monteleone

Holly Moore

Sara and Bill Morgan

Franci Neely

Mariloli and Marvin (M.B.A. ’95) Odum

Dean Putterman

Carroll ( J.D. ’02) and Hugh Ray

Lillie Robertson

Shirley Rose (’60, M. Ed. ’69, Ed. D. ’73)

Susan Sarofim

Leigh and Reggie Smith

Lois and George Stark

Elizabeth and Alan Stein

R.H. “Steve” Stevens

Judy and Charles Tate

Phoebe and Bobby Tudor

Hallie Vanderhider

Heidi Vaughan (M.A. ’16)

Bridget and Patrick G. Wade

Dancie and James Ware

Marcy Taub Wessel and Tom Wessel

Margaret Williams

Reid and Clint Willour

Geraldina Wise

Cyvia Wolff

Nina and Michael Zilkha