On Site

50 Years of Public Art of the University of Houston System

María C. Gaztambide, with an essay by Alison de Lima Greene

The beautifully designed publication commemorates the 50th anniversary of Public Art of the University of Houston System, including works by esteemed artists Carlos Cruz-Diez, Margo Sawyer, Alyson Shotz, Frank Stella and Andy Warhol. An essay by Alison de Lima Greene delves into the history of the collection, and an essay by Public Art UHS director and chief curator María C. Gaztambide, Ph.D. looks toward its future. In addition, the publication highlights about 40 of the collection’s most notable works, illustrated with all new color photography and accompanied by entries written by artists, scholars, curators, and other members of the community. The book gives readers access to artworks on view to the public every day throughout the University of Houston System.




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See sample spreads from the publication: Alyson Shotz, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Frank Stella, Gael Stack , George Smith, Luis Jiménez, and Pablo Serrano.



Sample Spreads

Other Contributors

Richard H. Armstrong                                                               Adrienne G. Perry

Don Bacigalupi                                                                          Don Quaintance

Bradley Bailey                                                                           Mari Carmen Ramírez

Frances Colpitt                                                                          Veronica Roberts

Carlos Cruz-Diez, Jr.                                                                   Jeanne Claire van Ryzin

Clare Elliott                                                                               Claudia Schmuckli

Pete Gershon                                                                             Beth Secor

Michael Guidry                                                                          Eric Shiner

Natilee Harren                                                                           Irene Shum

Nancy Hixon                                                                              Michael D. Snediker

Cody Ledvina                                                                              Cindi Strauss

Susie Kalil                                                                                   Terrie Sultan

Nicolás Kanellos                                                                        Roberto Tejada

Marti Mayo                                                                                 Alvia J. Wardlaw

Josh Pazda                                                                                   Clint Willour




“Expanding the parameters of public art to include works that are on view outdoors and indoors and accessible to all, On Site documents the expansive program across five University of Houston campuses. The authors guide the reader through the process of conceiving a major public art initiative — from its establishment at the University of Houston in 1965 — to the present day.

With thoughtful analysis, María Gaztambide’s essay traces key moments in the conception of a program that was distinguished for its inclusion of artists of color and women artists, for pushing the definition of public art, and for being a leader in how the inclusion of local, national and international artists across campuses can stimulate, inspire and provoke university communities. Alison de Lima Greene’s writing brings great insight to this program, placing it in the larger context of contemporary art practice. Her essay demonstrates how deep-thinking and agile curators commissioned and acquired significant work for this collection, how artists realized dynamic new work and how developments in the field were realized through the University of Houston system.”

Brooke Kamin Rapaport

Deputy Director and Martin Friedman Chief Curator

Madison Square Park Conservancy, New York