Menashe Kadishman

(Israeli, 1932-2015)

On, 1969

Cor-ten Steel; 192 x 297 x 16 1/2 inches
Acquired in 1971

Born in Tel Aviv, Menashe Kadishman studied sculpture under Sternshus and Rudi Lehmann in Jerusalem. As an internationally known artist, Kadishman also studied and taught in London. His public works can be found all over the world from Uruguay to New York. He is the winner of the American-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship in 1960, the Sainsbury Scholarship in 1961, and many time award winner in various sculpture competitions. Kadishman’s Anglo-American minimalistic works holds great symbolic themes of western Hebraic traditions. This reflects the preoccupation with the religious spirit of man and his interactions with nature. “On” is one of Kadishman’s minimalist sculptures that dive into the study of gravity, equilibrium, and the reality and realism in nature. Made in a formalist style from steel, the piece appears to defy gravity by floating above the lawn. Intended to be viewed from multiple vantage points, “On” challenges the nature of reality and illusion for the viewer, while instilling a sense of equipoise. Kadishman is interested in the interaction of his work with the landscape, and the changes that occur with variations in light throughout the day.


University of Houston
Science and Research 1 Building