Dorothy Hood

(American, 1918-2000)

Going Forth V, 1997

Oil on canvas; 35 x 35 inches

Collection of the Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi

Like many artists, Hood’s artwork became more abstract in her later years. Going Forth V is one of a series of paintings that explore the void, a particular subject that fascinated Hood throughout her life and resonated consistently in her artistic output. Far after the decline in popularity of painted abstraction, Hood persisted in the style because she felt it was the visual language that best suited her. After the death of her husband, the Bolivian composer José María Velasco Maidana, in 1989, Hood explored the subject of the void in ever greater detail. While this canvas is one of her simpler compositions, it is remarkable for its directness and straightforward delivery. An illuminated red cloud-like form floats effortlessly on a dual background of red and black exhibiting a study in tone and spatial composition. Hood’s lifelong interest in the possibilities of shape and form are displayed here, as she explores a soft, cocoon-like sanctuary floating in zero-gravity. Created only a few years before her death in 2000, this canvas expresses Hood’s ongoing exploration of the infinite and abstraction provided her with the perfect form to attempt to represent what we cannot see. The title, as well as the series, gives us a glimpse into Hood’s persistent spirit, constant movement, and endless curiosity.  


University of Houston

Special Collections – MD Anderson Library

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