Public Art of the University of Houston System (Public Art UHS) launched its ongoing Temporary Public Art Program (TPAP) in 2019. Extending from the University of Houston’s Wilhelmina’s Grove, a beautiful green space at the heart of the campus’ Arts District and its new gateway to public art, TPAP is an active platform for temporary art installations, short-term exhibitions, community-wide outreach and collaborative programming. Along with UHS’s stellar collection, TPAP provides the University community, local patrons and visitors from around the world with a unique place and way to experience thoughtful and thought-provoking proposals with a diverse roster of local, national and international artists and artworks. TPAP challenges artists to expand their creative range, while their installations and related programming will encourage viewers to reflect and to broaden their vision. TPAP also provides the space and support for artists to enhance their practice through direct involvement with students, and for students to acquire hands-on skills through direct exposure to artists and their work. Moreover, TPAP is a platform for collaboration. Held together by meaningful dialogue, TPAP is a means by which people can connect and come together around art on campus. Wilhelmina’s Grove was first imagined by longtime supporter and member of the University’s founding family, Wilhelmina Daisy Cullen Robertson Smith. Her dream came to fruition in 2014 through a generous gift from her daughters and many Houston friends and foundations.

The Temporary Public Art Program of the University of Houston System is generously supported by The Brown Foundation, Inc.