Jason Makepeace

(American, b. 1974)

Moldable Subtractions, 2014

Concrete and powder coated steel; 180 x 20 x 20 inches

University of Houston MFA graduate and University of Houston-Clear Lake professor, Jason Makepeace explores the relationship between new and old technology with his Moldable Subtractions series. As an avid kayaker he drew inspiration from the kayak’s form and how it has endured despite of centuries of new technological advancements. Makepeace’s work reveals the contrast between the original wooden kayaks and present-day carbon fiber, injected plastic and fiberglass kayaks. In Moldable Subtractions, he acknowledges the sleek design of the kayak’s current form while still respecting the history of design. The vibrant red represents the harmonious color perspective of current kayaks and gives a bold and balanced contrast to its base, which resembles a tree stump. The resulting combined form casts the illusion of a kayak that appears to emerge out of the tree itself. This device is a nod to Makepeace’s earlier sculptures that were created from a single piece of wood.


University of Houston-Clear Lake
Arbor Building