Schools + Educators

Public Art UHS collaborates with schools and educators to engage K-12 students through on-site and in-classroom experiences. These free resources across UH System campuses provide hands-on experiences that build visual literacy, critical thinking, and creative expression. At Public Art UHS, students have the unique opportunity to explore the arts in a higher education setting. 

Field Trips and Tours

Public Art UHS offers multi-faceted educational experiences from live music at the Moores Opera House, literary programs that bridge visual arts and creative writing, to STEAM initiatives proving art has the power to change the worlds of science, technology, and math. 

Public Art UHS arts educators break the boundaries of what it means to visit a museum and learn about contemporary artists by embodying the spirit of public art and putting the public first. What we create here connects us everywhere.   

In Your Classroom

Unlike many art museums, our educational programs are not bound by walls or the boundaries of our campuses. Public Art UHS arts educators are able to visit local classrooms and partner with public school teachers to expose their students to our world-class art collection.  

Educator Programs

Our programs seek to uplift and engage educators through fun and interactive events and trainings. Check out what is happening next and how you can participate! 

Educator Resources

Our educator focused online resources prioritize integrating art into your curriculum. Our resources are aligned with Common Core and Texas State Standards and connect art with a variety of academic subjects—math, science, language arts, humanities, Texas history, and more.