Institutional Archive

Public Art UHS has an extensive archive documenting the creative process behind many of the artists and artworks in our collection. Holdings are varied and include proposals (for realized and unrealized commissions); manuscripts; sketches and preparatory drawings, site plans, maquettes and models; as well as correspondence and other communications with our artists, dealers, collectors, critics, scholars and other key figures. Our archive is available to students and scholars by appointment only, please contact to schedule your visit.

Additionally, for more than half a century Public Art UHS has produced a variety of audiovisual, archival, digital and other types of resources on our artists, artworks, projects and programs. Learn more about our history below.

The Art Guys' Statue of Four Lies, 10th Anniversary Video

2020 | Watch this never-before-seen footage of Jack Massing and the late Michael Galbreth discuss their work and experience with bringing public art to a university campus.

Public Art UHS 50th Anniversary

2019 | A video commemorating 50 years of the Public Art UHS collection.

Marta Chilindrón's Mobius Houston Installation Time-Lapse

2019 |  Marta Chilindrón’s Mobius Houston builds on the South American tradition of geometric abstraction and Concrete art. The work explores ideas on the infinite, perception, and transformation on an experimental, large scale. 

Marta Chilindrón and Mobius Houston

2019 | Hear from artist Marta Chilindrón and architect Joe Meppelink about the challenges of fabricating Mobius Houston (2019), the inaugural Grove Commission.

Conservation of Carlos Cruz-Diez's Double Physichromie

2019 | Learn about the conservation of Carlos Cruz-Diez’s piece Double Physichromie.

Timelapse of Carlos Cruz-Diez' Double Physichromie

2018 | View Carlos Cruz-Diez’ Double Physichromie as it is carefully pieced together on the University of Houston campus.

Carlos Cruz-Diez's Color and Innovation

2018 | Watch this informal chat filmed at Sicardi Ayers Bacino with Carlos Cruz-Diez Jr. in which he talks about why people gravitate toward the works of his father, Carlos Cruz-Diez.

Conservation and Restoration: Cruz-Diez Double Physichromie

2018 |  Houston’s weather provides challenges for the maintenance of outdoor public art works. So we chat with R. Alden Marshall & Associates as they restore Carlos Cruz-Diez’s Double Physichromie.

Creating Community: Frank Stella's Euphonia

2018 | Former UH System Regent and Philanthropist Beth Robertson remembers the journey of the creation of Frank Stella’s Euphonia at University of Houston’s Moores Opera House 20 years ago.

Innovation in Frank Stella's Euphonia at Moores Opera House

2018 | Former UH System Regent and Philanthropist Beth Robertson discusses aspects of Frank Stella’s Euphonia that she found to be innovative.

A Candid Chat with Frank Stella

2018 | Candid interview at the University of Houston’s Moores Opera House. Moderated by Lea Weingarten.


The Making of Frank Stella's Houston Mural

1998 | Produced by Sue Porretto and Kathy Reiser, this archival documentary celebrates the installation of Frank Stella’s Euphonia at Moores Opera House with insightful interviews from the artist, art historians, the local artist crew who worked on the project, University of Houston staff and City of Houston officials.