Conservation plays a crucial role in the stewardship of Public Art UHS’s permanent collection and artworks in our temporary exhibitions. Maintaining the integrity of the artworks and the artist’s intent for our visitors and for future generations is a fundamental part of our mission. Public Art UHS is committed to art restoration and annual maintenance by following a detailed conservation schedule and working with our team of expert art conservators.


Click below to learn about recent conservation projects across the UH System.

(2018) Double Physichromie found a new home outside of the Graduate College of Social Work Building!

(April 2019) After years of exposure to Clear Lake’s coastal environment, Spiritus Mundi is now true to Serrano’s desired appearance. 

(March 2020) Learn more about Jonah and the Whale’s transformational conservation! 

(August 2020) Luncheon on the Grass found a new home at the Elgin Street Garage after years of being in storage.