Trenton Doyle Hancock

(American, b. 1974)


Ink on acrylic, 432 x 360 inches

With a vivid imagination Trenton Doyle Hancock created a mural-like work for the University of Houston contributing to his Mounds sage. The permanent installation was commissioned for the building of the UHD Welcome Center as part of the Public Art of the University of Houston System’s percent for art program, which allocates one percent of construction costs of new building projects to purchase art. This work portrays one of the birth, life, death, afterlife, or dream states as are common in Hancock’s works. His inspiration is drawn from his childhood and culture. Trenton has pieces in Houston’s Menil Collection and in the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Born in Oklahoma, but raised in Texas, Hancock earned his BFA from Texas A&M University and his MFA from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia. He was also one of the youngest artists to be features in the Whitney Biennial exhibitions. Hancock’s work has developed over the years into a part fiction, part autobiographical narrative that exploits the stories of the universe. From his personal experiences to historical canon, superheroes comics, and pulp fiction, Hancock references the many stories that are used to make up the world’s imagination and molds them into a complex work of art. Telling the good, evil, and grey areas of each story, his work transcends the original narrative and allows the viewer to see the world through new eyes.


University of Houston – Downtown

Welcome Center Building

3rd Floor