E. Dan Klepper

(American, b. 1956)

Sea Stacks – Nautical Twilight, 2022
Photograph on dibond; 24 x 72 inches
Gift of Linda and William Reaves, The Linda and William Reaves Collection of Texas Art at UHV, 2023

Divided into thirds, E. Dan Klepper’s photo mosaic Sea Stacks – Nautical Twilight shows four offshore structures standing erect amidst blue ocean waves. The horizons of the equally sized segments align to create one sweeping seascape. Sea Stacks – Nautical Twilight captures the majesty and power of nature, its beauty and caprice. Though placid, the sea remains daunting, vast, and in flux. The ocean and sky dominate and overwhelm the composition. In comparison to the sky and ocean, the humanmade towers, seen from a distance, appear fragile and meek. These structures stand at the whim of nature. Nature and humanity, the former represented by the sea and sky and the latter by the offshore structures sprouting from the water, interact harmoniously with one another. However, nature, though momentarily at peace with humanity, holds a position of power.

E. Dan Klepper, artist and outdoorsmen, finds inspiration in the natural world. In his own words, “nature is beautiful and scary and weird and uncontrollable.” With his art, Klepper hopes to promote “a deep appreciation for the planet’s wildness.” Born and raised in Texas, Klepper lives in Marathon, just north of Big Bend National Park. He earned his bachelor of arts from the University of North Texas. Klepper then earned his master’s degree in the video arts from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago.


University of Houston-Victoria


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