Student Led Tours + Programs

2021 | Listen to a group of University of Houston students respond to Odili Donald Odita’s Negative Space (2019), on view through 2026 at the University of Houston. 

2021 | Take a tour of Sam Falls and TYPOE’s artwork with Jack Morillo.

2021 | Take a tour of Sam Falls and Jeffie Brewer’s artwork with Alanna Khubieh.

2021 | Join Chris Wu as he takes us through Spencer Finch’s Back to Kansas (2015) and Jeffie Brewer’s Pink Sexy (2020) and Cloud (2019). 

2021 | Join Lysette Portano in touring Sarah Braman’s and Odili Donald Odita’s artworks at the University of Houston.

2021 | Join Debra Barrera, Public Art UHS’ Teaching Artist, and UH graduate student Joshua Arnoldy as they discuss Amos Cochran’s soundscape Color Field Outside / In and how visual art and music are creatively linked.