Student Led Tours + Programs

(2021) Join Lysette Portano in touring Sarah Braman’s and Odili Donald Odita’s artworks at the University of Houston.

(2021) Take a tour of Sam Falls and TYPOE’s artwork with Jack Morillo.

(2021) Take a tour of Sam Falls and Jeffie Brewer’s artwork with Alanna Khubieh.

(2021) Join Debra Barrera, Public Art UHS Education Coordinator, and UH graduate student Joshua Arnoldy as they discuss Amos Cochran’s soundscape Color Field Outside / In and how visual art and music are creatively linked.

(2021) Listen to a group of University of Houston students respond to Odili Donald Odita’s Negative Space (2019), on view through 2026 at the University of Houston. 

(2021) Join Chris Wu as he takes us through Spencer Finch’s Back to Kansas (2015) and Jeffie Brewer’s Pink Sexy (2020) and Cloud (2019).