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The inscription along the stone backdrop for irreverent sculptural installation Statue of Four Lies (2010) by The Art Guys (Michael Galbreth, 1953-2019 and Jack Massing, b. 1959), commissioned by Public Art UHS for the University of Houston, reads: Mundus vult decipi ergo decipatur (“the world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived”). Based in Houston, The Art Guys used “humor and everyday materials as a way to demystify art in an attempt to welcome a broad range of audiences into the discourse of contemporary art.” Yet, a deep intellectual process was at the core of this conceptual art duo’s work in a variety of media.

The Art Guys Records at the University of Houston Libraries Special Collections provide insights into their performance art, drawing, installation, and video works. They date from the 1980s to present and include their paper and digital business records, publicity material, and exhibition invitations. The collection also includes the Codex of the Statue of Four Lies, an indivisible component of the artwork.

The Art Guys Records

Access the finding aid to the archival collection at UH Libraries Special Collections documenting the art career of The Art Guys.

Statue of Four Lies | 10th Anniversary Video

Watch this never-before-seen footage of of Jack Messing and the late Michael Galbreth discussing their work and experience with Statue of Four Lies, their landmark project at UH (2010). 

Richard H. Armstrong | On the Statue of Four Lies

Read about the Art Guys on On Site: 50 Years of Public Art at the University of Houston System, Public Art UHS’ 2019 monograph.

Statue of Four Lies |
UH Moment

Travel back to October 2010 for a recap of the unveiling of Statue of Four Lies. 

The Art Guys | Art Walk with Mike Guidry

Mike Guidry leads us on a deep dive tour of The Art Guys’ Statue of Four Lies, including a special look at the Codex located in the MD Anderson Library.

Highlight from the Collection

Statue of Four Lies, 2010

Learn more about this artwork from The Art Guys.