Conservation + Relocation of Carlos Cruz-Diez's Double Physichromie

Carlos Cruz-Diez (Venezeulan, 1923-2019)

Double Physichromie, 2009

Painted aluminum and steel; 80.5 x 112 x 648 inches

University of Houston


Double Physichromie (2009) was completely restored, re-envisioned and relocated in 2018. A new site was identified in the Arts District allowing the artwork to be experienced fully in the round. This was part of a larger long-term effort to enhance current sculpture sites and present them to the public in their best possible light.  Public Art worked with a local contractors, a landscape architect, art conservator and Carlos Cruz-Diez to not only relocate the sculpture, but to create a whole new viewing experience of it. The large park-like site had an existing sidewalk the circled the lawn where it sits now so viewers could appreciate and see the spectacular color play that occurs throughout the day. A pathway that compliments the form of the sculpture was created to bring the audience up close and encourages a circular movement around the work. The sculpture itself was completely dismantled and fully conserved. All elements were cleaned and repainted, additional materials were added to the inside of the form to allow for moisture to run off and protect from corrosion giving this sculpture longevity while respecting the artist’s intent.

Carlos Cruz-Diez Sculpture Being Restored for Vibrant Return to Campus

Double Physichromie Returns to Place of Prominence at UH