Interactive Sound Installation

Gift#XXXX is experienced as a series of compositions, but the project itself is the creation and deployment of a system that creates, performs and gives away unique musical compositions. Within a set of rules, the Gift#XXXX uses a randomly generated set of numbers to form scales, chords, progressions, and movements, before moving on to a new composition. These unique compositions are purposefully offered as sonic forms for the listener’s consideration, inspiration and—potentially—ownership. The individual compositions produced within the sonic work Gift#XXXX are specifically not claimed as compositions by the authors of the whole piece, but rather are offered as audio scenery that could be owned much in the way that a snapshot is taken.

Like clouds in the temperate zone responding to both physics and chaos, endless compositions form that are at once recognizable and unique. Depending on the observer, these compositions can pass unnoticed or inspire masterpieces. Each composition is named and time-stamped, so if a listener is inspired by it, he or she can request ownership of the composition complete with copyright (available through the QR code).

If you wish to own the composition you are listening to, use the QR code below to claim ownership (one claim per composition) and the composition will be emailed to you with a statement of ownership.

Gift#XXXX was created by John Reed for Public Art UHS with support from Antonio Sanz, Steven Beatty, Joseph Lazarro, and Courtney Crappell.


University of Houston

Wilhelmina’s Grove 

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