The Linda and William Reaves Collection of Texas Art at the University of Houston-Victoria

Gift of Linda and William Reaves, 2022-23

The Linda and William Reaves Collection of Texas Art at the University of Houston-Victoria (UHV) is a collection of art in public spaces assembled in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the university’s presence in the region. The artworks comprising the collection are emblematic of the qualities and attributes of the university’s location in Victoria, Texas at the center of an area stretching across the coastal plains and prairieland southwest of Houston and north of Corpus Christi. Though distinct in their narratives, perspectives, aims, and conceptual underpinnings, artists in the collection—Xavier González, Jonathan Paul Jackson, Leila McConnell, Kermit Oliver, and Dick Wray among them—radiate the spirit of the region, its people, places, ideas, networks, and environments. When viewed in totality, The Linda and William Reaves Collection of Texas Art at the University of Houston-Victoria is a constellation of expressions and narratives that come together to present one grand and rewarding glimpse into the area’s unique artistic tradition and local culture.

Aiming to inspire art scholarship, shed light on Texas art and artists, and enrich the experiences of students, faculty, and visitors, Linda and William Reaves assembled and donated this extensive art collection in 2022-23. This generous gift reflects the Reaves’ passion for and dedication to Texas art, as well as their commitment to making art accessible to everyone. Collecting for the past forty years, the couple has amassed a substantial, important, and focused collection of twentieth-century Texas art, a rich area of creativity often overlooked by scholars and collectors alike. Artworks from the Linda and William Reaves Collection of Texas Art at University of Houston-Victoria are now on display in buildings across the UHV campus.

Collection Highlights

Causeway, 1955

Jack Boynton

Neon Study, 1956

Jack Boynton

Sunstone, 1957

Frederick Carter

Summer Squall, c. 1968

Fidencio Duran

Al Norte, 2016

Ibsen Espada

Modern Quilt, 2000

Charles Ford

Klump’s Grocery, 2014

Charles Ford

La Grange Smokehouse I (Le Boeuf sur LeToit), 2002

Charles Ford

Oakland School on the Navidad, 2015

Henri Gadbois

Bayou Willows, 1967

Xavier González

Ice House, c. 1945

Karl Hall

Masquerade on Stage, 1985

Jonathan Paul Jackson

The Stork, The Dragon, The Snake and The Butterfly, 2018

Lee Jamison

Edna Theatre, 2023

Lee Jamison

The Lavaca County Courthouse, Hallettsville, Texas, 2023

Lee Jamison

The Macaroni Line, 2023

E. Dan Klepper

Gulf Moon, 2022

E. Dan Klepper

Sea Stacks – Nautical Twilight, 2022

Ben Livingston

Particular Places A & C: Homage to Margaret Moser, 2018

Leila McConnell

Poles of the Mountains, 1979

Leila McConnell

Untitled, c. 1970s-80s

Kermit Oliver

Study for Empty Shed (Feed Pail), c. 1965

John O'Neil

Land with Cold Sun, 1956

Noe Perez

Prickly Pear Pathways, 2023

Steve Russell

Capano Bay, 2023

Steve Russell

Mid Coast Shrimpers, 2023

Emily Rutland

Cows Abstracted, c. 1958

Maurice Schmidt

Bringing in the Sheaves, 2023

Maurice Schmidt

To Build and Plant, 2009

Maurice Schmidt

Tree Trimmer, Autumn Palm, 1980

Charles Schorre

Terminal, 1972

Ann Stautberg

6-12-17, #8, 2017

Dan R. Stewart

Finding Gulf Oil Divide, c. 2005

Richard Gordon Stout

Great Emblem, 1967

Richard Gordon Stout

Night and Day, Premonition, 2015

McKie "Mac" Massenburg Trotter III

Landscape Southwest, 1957

Dick Wray

Untitled [brown and gold], 1961

Dick Wray

Untitled, 2007

Al Barnes

Encounter on La Cabeza, n.d.