Jeffie Brewer

(American, b. 1971)

Cloud, 2019

Pink Sexy, 2020

Kitty, 2019

Bunny, 2019

Gigaff, 2019

PoP, 2017

Painted steel

Courtesy of the artist, Nacogdoches 

Jeffie Brewer’s array of recognizable shapes are influenced by his fascination with pop culture and a background in design. These sculptures toe the line between identifiable and abstract forms. The use of vibrant color and enlarged scale impacts our relationship to them, while leaving room for interpretation and play. The artist is based in Nacogdoches, Texas.

Jeffie Brewer is known for his irreverence and unique humor. His background in graphic design as well as an array of industrial skills developed as a child at his father’s junkyard inform his art. He has stated of his craft and work: “I have an insatiable desire to create, to explore, to understand. The intention of my works is to provide just enough information, leaving room for interpretation as well as a little mystery.”

Jeffie Brewer has stated that he is most interested in delighting viewers while creating something fun in his artworks. PoP and the several other Brewer sculptures on display around our campus are emblematic of this dual intent. These works also reflect his trademark whimsical takes on recognizable forms and brightly painted steel surfaces.


University of Houston

Butler’s Plaza & Wilhelmina’s Grove

November 17, 2020 artist conversation Jeffie Brewer. Moderated by Mike Guidry, Public Art UHS curator.

Take a virtual tour of Jeffie Brewer’s artworks at the University of Houston led by Public Art UHS curator, Mike Guidry.

Create colorful paper bunnies and watch them take flight in the sky.

Learn more about Jeffie Brewer and his artwork.